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    the localization of medical devices is fruitful and the oppo
    "in recent years, our high-end medical equipment has finally begun to enter the top three hospitals in china, which was unthinkable before."." some high-end medical equipment enterprises in china, when talking about changes in the industry to reporters, sigh with joy.
    due to lack of medical appliance industry in china started late, weak innovation ability, scientific research into the various causes of high-end medical equipment is less, the local medical device companies in the high-end market share is relatively low, the domestic medical equipment in the high-end market has long been the monopoly of foreign companies. "in the field of high-end medical equipment, china's medical institutions rely on imports of the phenomenon is more serious. some international brands, such as general motors, siemens and philps, have a hospital share of up to 90%." industry experts pointed out that "foreign-funded enterprises through high-end medical equipment pricing control and after-sales service monopoly, making chinese hospitals have to pay high maintenance costs later.". this is clearly not conducive to the country to reduce medical expenditure regulations, hindered the national commitment to solve the problem of difficult medical treatment, expensive policy."
    it is gratifying to note that, after more than 10 years of rapid development, china's medical equipment industry has made great progress in r & d, innovation, technology and other aspects. the reporter learned that, in recent years, china's domestic medical equipment market share and reputation has been greatly improved, the last 10 years, the medical equipment market in china with an average annual growth rate of around 20%; more and more hospitals, new or replacement of domestic equipment. for example, in the field of medical imaging, 95% of our products have been made in china. while the domestic medical equipment market has made great strides and made great progress, it is not negligible that there are still short boards in the domestic medical equipment enterprises.
    at present, there are three short boards in the domestic medical device enterprises: lack of systematic solutions, lack of rigorous tracking of standards and lack of clinical testing institutions." the personage inside course of study thinks, "homebred medical device wants to develop further, reduce the gap with foreign medical tycoon, compete with them, overcome these three short board to be imperative."
    it is worth noting that, although the industry is difficult to overcome the short board, but there is no lack of "break through" out of domestic outstanding enterprises. the selection of companies on the list - dunlop in third batch of outstanding domestic equipment (beijing) medical equipment co., ltd. as an example, the enterprise through the more than 10 years of independent research and development of accumulation, make continuous breakthroughs in core technologies in dsa field, and establish a professional service system, including system according to the actual needs of the hospital, set up solution professional clinical registration department to follow closely related standards, the establishment of professional norms of clinical trial institution, the dunlop equipment can lead the domestic dsa industry field, lay a fundamental leading position.
    there is no doubt about the efforts and achievements of the domestic medical device enterprises, but more attention should be paid to the future development trend of the domestic medical market. china has a large population and great difference in medical resources. the market is still in the initial stage of development. as a whole, it is at the level of the european and american countries in the 90s of last century. the more developed the economy, the higher the public demand for health." a senior official of domestic yixie company said, "with the grading treatment advance, the allocation of medical resources and sink to the grassroots, to highlight the advantages of the domestic medical equipment enterprise. and domestic medical equipment and import substitution is the general trend, domestic high-end equipment will become growth heights, such as high-end dsa equipment. in 2016, the total number of coronary interventions in mainland china exceeded 600 thousand cases, and the high-end dsa equipment has been given great expectations. the market is expected to accelerate the dsa equipment innovation, research and development, upgrading process and intensity."
    at the same time, the reporter learned that the ministry of industry and information released data show that in 2016 the fastest growing pharmaceutical industry sub sectors are medical equipment and instruments, processing of chinese herbal medicine, health materials and medical products. visible, medical equipment industry has a strong growth and greater room for development. "13th five-year" plan also clearly put forward the development direction of medical equipment localization, high-end, brand, international, and national policy and funding support for the medical device industry continues to increase.
    "china made 2025" and other strategic planning clearly support the localization of medical devices, both consider the clinical needs, but also consider the innovative needs. in the future, high-end domestic equipment is bound to become a high growth field and investment hot spots." the industry believes that with the support of national policy efforts, the market scale of sustained high growth, the domestic appliance "import substitution" to speed up the process of positive factors such as the future development of the medical device industry will enter a golden opportunity, but also for domestic medical industry specialization, standardization, industry concentration degree of challenge."
    the autumn wind is refreshing, the fruits are fragrant, the season of harvest, and the development of domestic medical equipment has been fruitful. domestic medical equipment has ushered in the best period of development, but it is also the most challenging period. domestic medical equipment enterprises only do good work, comply with market trends, can gorgeous turn, to achieve a new change.