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    these policies will affect the medical device industry since
    september 30th hearing tomorrow, is about to enter october 1st, along with the national day, mid autumn festival 8 days long holidays, a number of medicines, medical equipment, medical and health related policies will also be officially implemented. tidy up as follows:
    beijing medical device manufacturing enterprise information collection and reporting regulations, october 1st implementation
    in september 4th, beijing food and drug administration issued the "beijing medical device manufacturing enterprise information collection and reporting (trial)", beijing city area of medical equipment manufacturing enterprises shall be in accordance with the provisions, report on the major issues and the basic situation of enterprises. medical device manufacturers in a variety of conditions changes, should fill in the "basic situation and major issues of medical instrument production enterprise acquisition report" in 10 days, to the branches directly under the district food and drug administration or the food and drug administration report.
    gansu five categories of medical supplies from october 1st onwards, is strictly prohibited under the net purchase
    gansu province, medicines and medical supplies centralized procurement work leading group office issued a notice, from october 1st this year, the province's county level medical institutions must pass the "gansu province medical supplies sunshine procurement platform" according to the "low bargaining principle" online purchase structure heart disease, non vascular intervention, pacemaker, electrophysiology, stapler in five categories of products and these products have been incorporated into the sunshine procurement category, is strictly prohibited under the net purchase.
    yunnan province implemented two drug voting system in october 1st
    since october 1, 2017, the provincial public hospital and kunming city, qujing city, yuxi city, honghe prefecture, dali prefecture, city and other 6 public hospital reform pilot city three public hospitals in the first implementation of the system of two votes".
    since april 1, 2018, kunming city, qujing city, yuxi city, honghe prefecture, dali prefecture, city and other 6 public hospital reform pilot city public hospital full implementation of the "two vote system".
    since october 1, 2018, the province's public medical institutions have all implemented the "two votes system"".
    tianjin disposable consumables benchmark price, october 1st implementation
    in september 29th, the tianjin municipal development and reform commission released through its official website "the municipal development and reform commission, health and family planning commission, human resources and social security bureau on the implementation of the benchmark price of disposable medical consumables management notice", october 1st implementation.
    ministry of finance issued a document to curb the "lowest bid", october 1st implementation!
    in july 21st, the ministry of finance amended the measures for the administration of bidding and tendering for goods and services purchased by the government.  the new "measures" proposed: the evaluation committee considers that the bidder's quotation is lower than the other by compliance review bidders'offer, may affect the quality of products or not in good faith compliance, shall be required to provide written instructions for the evaluation of the site within a reasonable period of time, when necessary, submit the relevant certification materials; the bidder cannot justify its offer, bid evaluation the committee should be treated as invalid tender.
    guangdong in october 1st from the implementation of the 2017 edition of medical insurance directory
    guangdong provincial human resources and social department issued a notice, from october 1st onwards, the unified implementation of the 2017 edition of the national drug list of western medicine, chinese medicine, herbal pieces and 36 kinds of negotiating drugs. the expenses incurred by the insured personnel in the catalogue of western medicine, chinese patent medicine, and 36 kinds of chinese herbal medicines and drugs outside the catalog shall be paid by the basic medical insurance, the industrial injury insurance and the maternity insurance according to regulations.
    in october 1st, gansu implemented the "two votes" system"
    gansu provincial health and family planning commission said that the province's three public hospitals will give priority to the implementation of the "two votes", a transition period of 4 to 5 months, since october 1, 2017 the full implementation of two public hospitals in the new round of centralized drug procurement bid results from the implementation of the full implementation of the "two vote system".
    guizhou province will implement the management system of medical service points in october 1st
    guizhou province people club hall said, "october 1st guizhou province basic medical insurance designated medical institutions for medical service management protocol physician procedures" implementation, to further strengthen the management of health insurance, medical services agreement standard fixed medical institutions, safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of the insured.
    the "measures" provisions, will implement the physician medical service violations integral management, each year, the initial value of 12 points, such as physician irregularities will be deducted points in natural year cumulative, not cross cumulative. multi point practitioners, points accumulated calculation. the deduction can be used as an important reference content or basis for doctors' professional title evaluation, individual annual assessment, salary and so on.
    anhui, since october 1st, the implementation of medical disputes prevention and disposal measures
    anhui province wei planning commission "anhui medical disputes prevention and treatment measures" will be officially implemented in october 1st this year. the "measures" for medical disputes related to personnel and institutions, departments and so on have made detailed provisions.
    fujian provincial urban and rural residents health insurance collection receipt from october 1st
    the receipt for urban and rural medical insurance is mainly for the medical insurance agencies at all levels in the province to collect basic medical insurance premiums for urban and rural residents. notification of urban and rural medical insurance receipt style was made clear, the registration number is "min choi [2017] ticket number forty-first.".
    since october 1st, military cadres have implemented the "one card" for outpatient service of military hospitals"
    according to the deployment of the army's logistics policy system reform plan, from at 0:00 on october 1, 2017, the full implementation of the army cadres in the army hospital outpatient medical card, military cadres to military security card (health card) in the hospital outpatient service.
    october 1st onwards, environmental violations of construction projects will be credited to the integrity of the file
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